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Carotid Artery Disease Treatment in Phoenix

What does the carotid artery have to do with veins? Well, it’s responsible for supplying blood to both your brain and face and is the large artery found directly under your jaw on both sides of your neck. It’s usually the pulsating artery in your neck. Believe it or not, one can develop the disease in this artery! This Carotid Artery Disease is caused by the buildup of these things: fat, cholesterol, and plaque material and can also cause atherosclerosis within the vessel. Over a period of time, this disease can reduce the vital and necessary blood flow to your brain and face, which can cause a lack of blood supply also known to cause a stroke.

girl with two fingers on neck for pulse

Risk With Carotid Artery Disease

There are also many risk factors that can lead to the development of Carotid Artery Disease including:

  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Obesity and overweight
  • Diabetes
  • Excessive smoking
  • Family history of blood clots and disorders

Come Receive Our Diagnosis

Under the supervision of Dr. Kulbhushan Sharma, you can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible diagnosis and care. Dr. Sharma has performed major vascular surgeries including aneurysms of the major arteries, aretheroclosis, and blockage of lower extremities. Your vein and vascular concerns will be diagnosed here at Arizona Vein and Laser Institute’s Vascular Lab Facilities while addressing your condition and symptoms so that we can recommend the best possible treatment plan for you or your loved one.

We Are a Full-Service Vascular Lab

We have grown to six convenient locations throughout Arizona. Our loyal patients come to us from all over Arizona: Glendale, Peoria, Sun City, Avondale, Estrella, Anthem, Surprise, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe, Chandler, and Mesa. We also have a convenient Shuttle service to help those who need transportation.

Please ask for an office that has immediate openings so that we can diagnose your symptoms right away and offer the best possible treatment options for you or your loved one.

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