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Varicose Veins Removal Procedure by Experienced Vascular Surgery Specialists

The Arizona Vein and Laser Institute is proud to offer phlebectomy services to patients in or around the Phoenix, AZ, area. Phlebectomy is the manual removal of varicose veins that have not responded to sclerotherapy or laser treatments. These rope-like veins are no longer useful to your body’s circulatory system and must be pulled out by hand. Phlebectomy, also known as vein stripping, can have many benefits to both your appearance and circulatory function, and can effectively eliminate veins that have remained unresponsive to other methods of treatment.

Our board-certified team of vascular experts at the Arizona Vein and Laser Institute offers this effective procedure to get rid of varicose veins for good!

doctor with tool pointing at veins

How Does a Phlebectomy Procedure Work?

If previous varicose vein treatments have been ineffective, a phlebectomy procedure may be the best course of action for you. To be sure, your doctor will perform a vascular ultrasound to determine whether the vein in question is a good candidate for the vein-stripping procedure. If the vein is found to be unresponsive, your doctor will recommend phlebectomy surgery to manually remove the varicose vein from your leg. This vein removal surgery can be relatively simple, depending on the size and location of the vein, as well as the type of phlebectomy procedure that is required.

Your vascular surgeon will perform your phlebectomy procedure by applying local anesthesia, making a series of small cuts along the surface of your leg, and then carefully pulling the vein out through these tiny incisions using a special tool. Most phlebectomy patients find the procedure minimally invasive, with only minor discomfort compared to the pain caused by their varicose veins.

Recovery Time After Phlebectomy Surgery

The amount of downtime a patient will need following phlebectomy depends largely on the type of vein removal required. Since there are several types of phlebectomy, recovery time can range from virtually nonexistent to a bit more extensive.

Ambulatory phlebectomy is an outpatient procedure performed right in your vascular surgeon’s office that removes superficial veins from the surface of the skin on your leg. Ambulatory phlebectomy requires no stitches and minimal local anesthesia, and the patient is able to walk as soon as the procedure is completed.


A more extensive phlebectomy procedure involving veins that were too large to respond to sclerotherapy or laser treatments may require several days of recovery including wrapping the legs with elastic bandages.

In any case, phlebectomy is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that can be extremely beneficial for varicose vein removal when other options have proven ineffective.

The Arizona Vein and Laser Institute offers comprehensive phlebectomy services at all of our Phoenix-area locations. Think phlebectomy may be right for you? Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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