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You may not realize it, but the job you have can have an impact on your vein health. From standing for long periods of time to sitting at a desk all day, your job can contribute to vein issues like varicose veins and spider veins. Let’s take a look at how your job affects your veins and what you can do to help prevent vein issues from arising.

Standing for Long Periods of Time

If you have a job that requires you to stand for long periods of time, this puts excess pressure on the walls of your veins and the valves within them. When this happens, blood pools in the veins instead of flowing through them, which causes them to become swollen and twisted—the hallmark symptom of varicose veins. If you’re prone to developing spider veins due to genetics or other factors, standing for long periods can further worsen their appearance.

Deep vein thrombosis and varicose Sitting at a Desk All Day

It may seem counterintuitive but sitting at a desk all day can also cause vein issues. When we sit down, our legs are not able to move as freely as when we stand up or walk around. This means that our calf muscles cannot effectively pump blood back up towards our heart, which leads to pooling in the leg veins and eventually varicose veins or spider veins. Additionally, crossing your legs while seated places even more pressure on your leg veins and makes it even harder for blood flow to return up towards the heart efficiently.

What Can I Do?

The first step is identifying if there are any actions you can take at work that could reduce strain on your leg veins—such as taking short walks throughout the day or investing in an ergonomic desk chair that supports good posture. Lifestyle changes may need to be made outside of work such as exercising regularly or wearing compression socks during prolonged standing/sitting sessions. Additionally, if symptoms start appearing (swelling in legs/ankles; throbbing; heaviness; itching) then it’s important that they be assessed by a medical professional such as one from Arizona Vein & Laser Institute who can provide treatment options if necessary.

Partner with the Professionals at Arizona Vein & Laser Institute Today!

Your job has more influence over your vein health than you might think! Whether it involves standing for long periods or sitting at a desk all day, both scenarios can lead to vein issues. It’s important that you take steps both inside and outside of work towards improving overall vein health so that these issues don’t arise in the first place—and if they do appear then seek out professional help right away! Customers at Arizona Vein & Laser Institute will receive comprehensive care tailored specifically towards their individual needs, so they get optimal results with minimal downtime! Contact the team at Arizona Vein & Laser Institute today at 602-298-8346 to learn more about preventing vein issues and treating symptoms!